Parks and Recreation Internship


Position:                              Parks and Recreation Internship 
Department:                      Watford City Park District
Terms:                                  May to August
Supervisor:                         Recreation Manager
Location:                             Rough Rider Center
Pay:                                       DOE (Depending on Experience)



  • The Watford City Park and Recreation Internship is a paid position which aims to provide a quality experience in the Park and Recreation field. Responsibilities will allow for one’s education to be applied to real world situations. These responsibilities in multiple areas, such as facility operations, recreational programing, on-site sport and event supervision and a variety of service areas, will aim to give direction on multiple career paths.


    Essential Functions

  • Assists in the promotion, and implementation of recreation programs and services.
  • Assist in the evaluation of program effectiveness; recommends changes.
  • Onsite supervisor for recreation programs and baseball/softball programs.
  • ·         Assist several departments associated with the operations of the Rough Rider Center: this includes marketing, services, events, aquatics and recreation.
  • ·         Work with Park team on field maintenance and other assigned tasks tied to our park system.
  • Works collaboratively with internal and external customers/partners.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand how community recreation services and programs inspire our youth and community.
    • Enhance public communication skills both verbally and on media platforms.
    • Develop professional skills in the park and recreation field.
    • Apply critical thinking, problem solving, and adaptability skills to real world situations.


      Opportunities and Support 

  • Daily access to several professionals in the park and recreation field to ask questions, share ideas, and process information with.
  • Ability to network with different professionals in the area and across the state.
  • Enjoy a great experience that challenges one to continue to provide the best for a great community.



  • Working toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree related to the above-mentioned functions and summary.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and work with several staff members and departments.
  • Transportation to and from work.


Physical Demands

  • Must possess: mobility, strength, and stamina to perform physical work for extended periods of time; to operate a wide variety of cleaning tools and equipment, and to operate a motor vehicle; vision to read printed materials and a computer screen; hearing and speech to communicate in person and over the telephone. Work activities may be performed indoors and outdoors and may require frequent walking on uneven or slippery surfaces, standing, sitting, running, conducting exercises, twisting, turning, kneeling, bending, stooping, squatting, crouching, grasping, reaching, making repetitive hand movement, and related physical activities in the performance of daily duties.


    Environmental Elements

  • Incumbents work in both indoor and outdoor environments with moderate to loud noise levels, wet and slippery conditions, chemicals, mechanical and/or electrical hazards, and hazardous physical substances and fumes. May work in controlled temperature conditions, cold and hot temperatures, or inclement weather conditions.


    Working Conditions

  • Incumbents may be assigned an irregular work schedule, including weekends, early mornings, evenings, and holidays.


    To be considered:

  • To be considered for an internship with the Watford City Park District and the Rough Rider Center please submit the following:
    • Fill out Watford City Park District application
    • Cover Letter
    • Resume
    • Two letters of Recommendation

For more information, please call or email our Recreation Manager, Krystal Picklesimer, at 701-842-3665 or