Cashier / Concession Worker

Job Title:  Cashier/Concession Worker

Hourly: $10.56/hr

Supervisor: Pool Manager

Application Deadline: April 1st 2018


  • Will provide a positive image of the facility and its services by attentive, conscientious behavior on the job.

Qualifications: 14 years old and older, First Aid and CPR recommended, experience in food service work preferred.


  • Everyone (except those 2 and under) must pay the daily admission or buy a season pass. Explain to non-swimmers that it is a facility admission fee and not a swimming fee.
  • Season Pass - A number will be issued to the patron(s) to use for the season. This number is taken from their receipt and that number will be recorded in an index file for future confirmation. If a patron gives you a number that you suspect is false, you will need to obtain further information from them to verify validity of the number (address, telephone number, etc.).
  • Admittance into the pool facility must be accounted for on the daily tally sheet. Free, daily, and season pass holders.​
  • All waterslide users will wear a bracelet.​
  • Close the till between each transaction, do not leave open when not in use.
  • Personal checks are accepted for the amount of purchase only. Please make sure the patron's social security number and current telephone number is listed on the check.
  • No two-party checks will be cashed.
  • Leave any cash a customer gives you turned sideways on the top of the drawer until the transaction is complete. Then if a customer indicates that they gave you a $20.00 bill when you gave them change for a $10.00 bill, you can double check the denomination.
  • Credit cards will not be accepted at the pool.
  • All monies and receipts need to be stored in the provided safe at the end of each day.
  • The staff person who assists in preparing the daily tally sheet at the end of the day must leave their signature in the designated area. The Pool Manager or Parks and Rec. Supervisor will also sign off after double checking the prepared tally sheet.
  • Concession personnel must wash their hands at all times
  • Must wait on customers politely and efficiently as possible.
  • Must keep work area clean and sanitized at all times
  • Responsible for keeping designated food areas clean

Email Application to robwcparks@gmail.com 

or Inquire contact: Robin Arndt 701-570-3677

Or mail:   Watford City Park District, PO Box 13, Watford City N. D. 58854